Our Disability Services

We provide many services for Disability & Aged Care, as well as Room Hire for classes and conference uses.

Activities & Workshops

We have many short courses to choose, ranging from Computer Skills, Job preparation, social inclusion courses, and Arts & Crafts.

Technology Assistance​

Today’s technology can get overwhelming, we would be happy to help wrap your head around it. Whether you need assistance with setting up a new phone or tablet, or how to use an iPad or Computer, we can help.

Basic Living Development​

Independence is important for most people, a core fundamental for your growth.​ Abilities ranging from organisational skills & routine scheduling, to task sequencing & cognitive skill refinement.

Physical Upkeep

Physical health is very important to a healthy lifestyle, we would be happy to assist.​ Physical activities like band exercises, dance & mobility, group walking, mobility & strength training and so much more.

Social skill refinement

Having socials skills are very important for human development, to be comfortable within a crowd, or even one-on-one interactions, we can help you build these skills.

Community Participation

We aim to not only arm you with the necessary social skills to tackle everyday living, but give you the confidence to participate in community activities.

Money Handling

Taking control of your finances is a crucial skill to tackle, we can help with budgeting & saving, staying on top of bills, and basic handling of money at the cashier. Whatever your needs, we’re here.


We can express ourselves in many different ways, writing stories that speak from within can give us a chance to show others another side of ourselves. We have activities that can teach characterisation, story boarding, poetry, and mind mapping. We look forward to hearing your story.

Online Presence Safety

With access to the internet, we are more connected than ever before, but we are also more at risk to digital threats. We aim to teach you how to navigate the online world while staying safe.

Mentoring & Teaching Support

We understand every students needs are different and further support is sometimes required. Additional one-on-one mentoring and teaching support is available to students with their teachers at an hourly rate to confidently ensure their successful completion.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

We are always happy to communicate with our clients and cater to individual needs, if something becomes a popular demand, we may even add it to our core services.

Absolutely, our facility is hosted by GeSS Education, their campus can be found on Level 8 of Australia Fair (The lifts closest to Tap and Grind Cafe, or opposite Mr Minit). If you ever have difficulty finding us, we would be happy to assist.

That we do, we have several large rooms available for hire, whether it’s for educational means, or corporate use, we have you covered. The duration of the hire can vary between a couple of hours, to the full day, it’s up to you.

We have many courses ranging from Disability & Allied Health to Business and Cyber security. As our courses are delivered through GeSS Education, you can find a much larger list here: http://gesseducation.edu.au/

At this moment in time we are not a registered NDIS Provider, however, we work closely with registered NDIS Providers.

$150 + GST per session, a session is 2 – 3 Hours. 

That’s a great question, we work closely with registered and non registered providers to customise services that suit their needs.

Absolutely, our campus is fully equipped to cater to these kind of needs with ramp access to the balcony to enjoy our amazing views. As we are located within Australia Fair shopping centre, they of course have full accessibility options throughout.